This is an innovative business tool for ordinary people and entrepreneurs Any of our partners can be co-owners of companies that are part of the EVORICH ecosystem

  • Financial and investment education
  • Be part of a community of progressive people
  • Ability to create assets
  • Multiple sources of passive income
  • Quick implementation of dreams
  • Your own business without leaving home
  • Opportunity to increase your capital quickly
MLCI business

Any participant can become our partner and be a co-owner of companies, included in the Evorich ecosystem model

  • uGain Technologies for working with entrepreneurs
  • Legal policyLegal policy and insurance
  • APIAcademy of a Private Investor
  • Data MiningArtificial intelligence for business
  • EduCafe Restaurant franchise
  • CryptoUnitGlobal "CryptoUnit" program

Main directionsMLCI

Each company is unique and has its own product (service), market, potential and brand. Together, all companies in the ecosystem are united by Evorich

  • Data Mining

    Building an ecosystem of interconnections between people and managing social networks using artificial intelligence.

    • You transfer your social network account (or several accounts) under the control of artificial intelligence.

  • uGain

    An innovative application for entrepreneurs that helps you interact with customers through your personal account, which allows you to:

    • Maintain and grow your customer base

    • Drive sales with promotions and discounts alerts


Academy of a Private

  • Investment courses

    Training courses aimed at forming an investor's

  • Business training

    Training courses aimed at learning various methods and strategies for building a business

  • Personal growth

    Training courses aimed at self-development, goal setting and planning, improving financial literacy

in numbers

  • 750 000+ active partners around the world

  • We speak12languages

  • Over1 400 000registered users in a short time

Global programCryptoUnitThe most promising areas:


The Global Portfolio is currently valued atmillions of dollars

EVORICH, in partnership with the CryptoUnit Program, enables anyone to become a co-owner of the global portfolio and receive additional income from assets and through portfolio growth. Thus, by ensuring the redistribution of wealth around the world, we provide everyone with the opportunity to create a financial "safety cushion" that can secure the future for several generations.

Global portfolio of the programCryptoUnitalready has more than 20 market segments

  • Education
  • Cinema
  • Transport
  • Equity participation in business
  • Space sector
  • Stock Markets
  • Foreign exchange markets
  • Real estate
  • Science
  • Innovations
  • Culture
  • Cryptocurrency markets
  • Charity
  • Precious metals
  • Banking sector
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance
  • Precious stones

What you get from a partnership withEVORICH?

These industries have created millions of entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors around the world. The top richest  people all over the world - people from investment sectors or private entrepreneurship. It an innovative direction in entrepreneurship, where  we have connected the richest and most prestigious sectors of the finance industry

  • Multilevel business
  • Investment business
  • Affordable training
  • Your own business without leaving home
  • Your own director
  • Income without limitations
  • International business
  • Quick implementation of dreams
  • Investment consulting training
  • Prestige
  • Investment instruments + co-ownership
  • Managing your assets
  • Opportunity to increase your capital quickly

Our mission - NewEconomicEvolution of the World

The mission of the progressive and unique NEEW project is social cohesion and support, global distribution of wealth and resources, helping others and leaving a legacy to descendants.

The New Economic Evolution of the World is based on the involvement of each person in the activities of those companies whose services they use in their own life.

Thus, a society of educated people is created, free from financial stress, from political and economic shocks, from the fear of tomorrow's uncertainty.


  • Training 15% of the world's population in multilevel crowdinvesting through schools, trainings, coaching, online and offline events and master classes
  • Introduction and approval of MLCI qualifications and certification in the modern business ecosystem
  • Training in the MLCI model for leaders of network and multilevel marketing, traditional business and Internet entrepreneurs
  • Creating a productive environment and supporting the entrepreneurial sector, providing opportunities for business growth, asset creation, personal growth and the opportunity to learn and improve
  • Combining traditional, investment and MLM business in the MLCI model in order to create a society of progressive and wealthy people
  • Creation of a class of entrepreneurs who are co-owners of assets of the global portfolio and other investment projects
  • Creating an opportunity for each participant to receive multiple sources of income, both from the distribution of the business model and from projects that are promoted with the help of MLCI
  • Building a successful and thriving community of people who do what they love
  • Creation of a progressive society of like-minded people in promoting the brand and innovative MLCI business model

Become an EVORICH partnerRegistrationcompletely free

This is a new class of multilevel entrepreneurs

Despite all the global cataclysms and pandemics, Evorich is growing rapidly, attracting millions of people around the world to join its ranks. It doesn't matter where you are from, how old you are, what kind of faith you have - anyone can become a part of our global mission and promote the project with us. Working with us, you not only train, but also create financial flows for yourself, grow personally and spiritually, helping people around the world. We create our own future and the present. A huge diversification of directions and projects gives our partners protection and confidence in the future.

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